Here we go!!!!!!

I’ve procrastinated long enough.  Time for action.

I’m breaking up with chocolate.  It’s going to break my heart, or maybe it might save my heart.

Time for a rebirth, a new beginning, Act 11, life after Chocolate. They say there’s going to be shortage anyway.

Goodbye Godiva, chow Ferraro Roche, adios Cadbury.

It’s  a good time,  new year and all, to start over.  This isn’t a resolution, this is a lifestyle change.  Or more accurately , a change of life.

Hello No Plain Janie!!!!

I’ll need something to fill my time if it’s not going to be spent unwrapping something sweet.

So I’ve decided to go shopping instead and update the old wardrobe (although my husband would say I never stopped doing that ). I’m also going to collect new recipes and helpful hints so we can eat better.  Whose the we? Well my family, of course!

I also joined a dahn yoga class so I’ll let you know now that goes.

So this will be a blog about fashion, food and family….. not necessarily in that order.

Join the Journey


5 thoughts on “Here we go!!!!!!

  1. I’m taking the Blogging 101 course as well, I came upon your blog and decided to follow you. We may have similar interests. I like your chocaholic cravings, they are as bad as mine, but I too am trying to be real good this year. 🙂

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  2. you don’t have to give up all chocolate. Start eating and using dark chocolate in recipes. It’s full of antioxidants and it has a significantly lower carb and sugar count due to the bitterness. And dark chocolate is better for you in the long run.

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