Tai Chi Me

image I took my first tai chi class today.  No, that is not me.

The idea of slow fluid movements and the gathering of energy as a form of exercise  appealed to me.

I could definitely get behind this instead of cardio, because I REALLY hate to sweat.

We performed twists and turns all very gently while breathing in and out.  We were even told to breathe  s  l  o  w  l  y .

I’m sold.

Our leader, who looked like she needed a meditation class herself, (just sayin”), instructed us to gracefully move our arms in front and then behind us, up and over our heads all while holding our palms up and steady, as if we were holding a dish in our hands.

And I did it!!  After three or four tries I got the movements down and I was tai chiing. I managed to keep up with the class and “feel the energy”.  I did not mention that the dishes in my hand were conveniently thought of as heavy duty plastic. If they were china we’d have a service for twelve all over the floor.

I did find the class interesting. I will go back. At the end of it our instructor had very nice calming words for us to meditate on which I appreciated. It was so relaxing……

Tomorrow I am back to my regular trainer though. She makes me squat and jump and breathe hard.

What kind of workout do you like best?



One thought on “Tai Chi Me

  1. It is great to relax everyday after work. I am a regular yoga practitioner, and I do find it one of the best ways to keep healthy and young.

    The picture looks really good, I also have some yoga pictures of myself in my site.


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