A Blog By Any Other Name

A Β  blog by any other name

would it still sound as sweet

as one whose essence screams aloud

its meaning so concrete.


What’s in a name, we’re often asked

alas, I would say much

its what defines or what explains

just what our soul will touch.


Upon who have we come across

how do they self describe

their independent point of view

to which we should subscribe.


Are we here to be moved or touched

or made to contemplate

a thought, idea or recipe

the latest fashion plate?


Behold, our names, spread out and bloom

akin to wild flowers

and so our taglines reign us in

to simplify their powers.


And so, dear reader, I confess

my name here has been tweaked,

plain or not, there is no “E”

my secret has been leaked!


still signing off,

Jani “e”



6 thoughts on “A Blog By Any Other Name

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