Daddy’s Little Girl

imageToday marks the second anniversary of my fathers passing. He joined my mother, in heaven, who had died two and a half years earlier.   His death was swift, his dying took years. I was with him when he died, my sister and I on either side of his bed as we watched his last breaths  become a struggle.

I believe he waited for us to be there with him. My memories of those moments are so clear.  (This is amazing, for if you know me, you know I have such a lousy memory).

I was with him quite a lot before he died. He lived nearby at an assisted living facility. It was impossible for him to live anywhere else with some of his conditions. I was guilt ridden that he was there and he hated it. That said, I will choose to remember the times we spent outside on  the porch in front of the home.  When he was out there it seemed as though the softest of breezes would awaken his senses and bring vitality back to a man who had been so strong.


And strong he was.  Both physically and mentally.  Such a wise man, ahead of his time. A smart business man and such a devoted family man.

My dad lived a full rich life. What a blessing.

What a privilege to have been his daughter.  If your dad is still with us here, give him a hug or a call for me today.  As for me, I intend to spend the day thinking of all of our happy times together.

Enjoying the memories,


3 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. I remember your father well, granted I was his son-in-law ( and your husband). He was a good man, who is missed very much. We should continue to remember him as the good person he was, may his memory be for a blessing!!!

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  2. This is a beautiful post. I’m glad you were able to spend those last moments with him. My dad just had his 52nd birthday. I wrote a blog post for him, and I hope I never take him for granted.

    Thank you for visiting


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