Time Traveling with Alzheimers

I was planning on a different track today. I had a post all planned out about a fascinating topic. It was well thought out and developed.

Oh well. Here goes this instead:

I’ve seen two movies in two days, don’t judge me!, and  I feel like they are a call to action. They aren’t award-winning films, although one is out now in theaters and may very well win awards. That’s not the point though. I am certainly no movie critic. No, what has me thinking is the message in both of those films.

One is about time travel. I am the least sci-fi person you’ll ever meet. I do not appreciate time travel movies. They do nothing for me. But it was a snow day and my daughter and I were siting together on the couch and it came on. Suffice it to say it was a love story weaved across different stages of the characters life. The interesting part is that he can relive any day and time and change the outcomes of various situations.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could have that power? Awkward moments could be erased, we would always know the right thing to say. Accidents literally wouldn’t happen. Awesome, right?? That wasn’t the best part!! The pivotal came for me when at the end of the story he decides not to use his power so much, but instead to live everyday as though he has the power to change everything about it but doesn’t want to. Now, can you imagine that?? That’s awesome.

He really had me thinking. What a different way to approach the day. To live each moment as if that is the moment you have recreated for yourself to improve.

Which brings me to tonight’s movie. It was based on one of my most favorite books, Still Alice. It deals with early onset Alzheimer’s and the havoc it brings with it for the patient and their family. How awful a disease. How debilitating. It robs someone of their tomorrows by stealing their past. Memories gone. There could be no time travel for Alice, she wouldn’t know where to go.

Would I? Would you?

If one was to know for certain that tomorrow is unpredictable at best, would he live today doing his best to need no improvements?

Then it hit me.

Tomorrow is unpredictable. There is no certainty. Were good memories made, enough to last a lifetime?

Go make some memories,


9 thoughts on “Time Traveling with Alzheimers

  1. I lost my father to this dreadful disease…It was awful to watch his slow decline, but one thing that he did not loose was his long term memory and that was able to give him and the family a lot of comfort. My last conversation with him, only hours before he died, was about the technical details of adjusting steam locomotive valve gear…a job he had last done over fifty years before and clearly could have done that day as well! Hope the film is good.


  2. Time is so fascinating. We never have enough of it. We all waste it. It seems to fly by at times and then to crawl at other times. It is our most treasured commodity as we are all mortal. This post really highlights the importance of time. Great work.


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