Gray Matters

Today was hair color day. These days are coming more often lately.  Actually I’ve been coloring my hair since my mid twenties so it’s not like it plays with my head that I’m old enough to have to color my hair or anything. I just wish I didn’t have to so I wouldn’t feel so high-maintenance.  It’s not this gray. But it could be if I left it alone long enough and stress reducing yoga doesn’t work out.


I asked my colorist once (okay, maybe more like a hundred times!) if I should just let it go. Her reaction, don’t even think about it. But of course she would say that.  I won’t.  I’m much too vain and too insecure to go gray.  Helen Mirren yes, Janie no.

I don’t think hair should turn gray when your older anyway.  I’m not one of those anti-aging gurus.I just figure take care of yourself as best as you can and pray a lot. Most can’t be fixed. It’s hereditary or just natures natural course.  But why gray???  When you reach middle age, when most women start turning gray (I’ve always been an over-achiever) life is just getting colorful. Your kids are older and in some ways less demanding. You have come to terms with so much. You are in the autumn of your life. Why gray???? How about rainbow hair???


Wouldn’t that be fun??  But only if every forty something and onward were walking around like that. I bet women wouldn’t fight over parking spots or other nonsense if we all looked like Bozo. I bet we’d all walk around happy and laughing. But no. We go gray, blah, boring gray. No wonder we’re cranky. And so we color. Every three-four weeks.

Black or brown. For that we get excited!!


As for me, thank you Mr. Goldwell. Now I have dark brown hair again, no gray!!

And it says chocolate right on the box. We were meant for each other.

How ironic, Grey’s Annatomy just came on:))


5 thoughts on “Gray Matters

  1. You know what, I recently saw a woman with long silver grey hair, almost like in your picture. And boy, did it look good! After that I am all for going grey… but then it is easy to say, as I am a red head and red heads don’t go grey… they go beige and then white… and I am approaching my mid 40’s and only just discovered a few beige/white hairs… so there you go…

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  2. Great Post. Recall watching Oprah interview Ali McGraw (remember Love Story?) and the majority of the interview was all about Ali’s decision at age 70 to finally let her hair be gray. They discussed it as though she had climbed the Andes Mountains barefoot. The irony was that of course Ali McGraw had the most gorgeous head of thick gray hair I’d ever seen, and she certainly did not look anywhere near 70 years old.

    I’ve let my own gray grow out several times, will without any deep thought or reason, color it again, and right now I am enjoying
    Dark Ash Blonde from a box but thinking how much fun the Rainbow Option you wrote of would be!


  3. I admired my aunt, she was an artist. Something about her made her stunning at 40. It was her hair. You guessed it – grey. After years of dying I too went grey much sooner then her. It separates you from the rest, that’s for sure. Ever notice how magazines don’t have a lot of grey models?
    Thanks for visiting my site 🙂


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