Long Time No See


She carefully opened the door, not sure what to expect. It had been a while since she has visited. Nothing was the way she remembered and when her eyes finally got adjusted to the dark, what she saw made her shiver… her mom had gotten so much worse. She was sitting in the same wheelchair but the nurses aids had rearranged the room for their own convienence. It was not they way her mom would have wanted. Her chair no longer was placed in front of the big bay window overlooking the garden. The shades were pulled tight and the t.v. was off. In fact, the only sound was the gentle hum of her oxygen tank. Did vacation really only last two weeks? Is that all it took for such deterioration?

How much weight had her mom lost, it looked like ten pounds. Her skin looked so sullen. Perhaps it was just the fact that fourteen days had gone by. Normally visiting everyday, one loses perspective. After such an absence change is much more noticable.

She slowly makes her way across the room, quietly so as not to disturb the elderly woman. In one corner she speaks with the aid on duty and gets a full report. Her mother has been quiet lately and hasn’t wanted to watch her favorite show, Let’s Make a Deal. Unheard of. Shocking really.

With a pit in her stomach she approaches the window and draws back the curtains allowing the sunshine to once again pour in. Approaching her mother she holds back her tears and desperately tries to think of something to say. Her mother looks up for the first time and their eyes meet and she says, smiling to her daughter, ” Welcome home.I’ve been waiting for you, darling.”

The above short story is in repsonse to a blogging event inspired by Author S B Mazing called Finish It. Every Wednesday she provides a new prompt to help you spread your writing horizons. You can find more information regarding this event here.

If you are in Blogging 201 I will be having a weekly event myself, called Tuesdays Table. I will be posting a healthy recipe and I look forward to having you share your version or variation of it or another recipe you would like to inspire us with. Please just link it back to noplainjanie and mention this blog or feel free to leave it in the comments.

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