Upon Awakening


How do you wake up? Alarm clock? Internal clock?  Dog licking your face? Sun pouring into your room? I think it matters.

The moment of awareness after slumber has the power to determine the course of your day.

When you come out of your peaceful, warm, cozy bed what goes through your mind.

I’d bet most of us go through our do-to list. What’s ahead for the day. Our plans. Doesn’t that sound stressful? Unless it’s going to be a great day and something really special is happening like today’s the day your bringing home a new puppy. Otherwise, it’s what should I wear to work and what am I making for dinner. Did I forget to sign a permission slip or make a lunch?

Good Morning Quotes With Images

How many of us wake up feeling grateful for the chance at a new day? Or wonder what will become of the endless possibilities that are awaiting us.

Are we indebted to the power that we have been given to create a beautiful day?

To do lists are great, even necessary.  We are accountable for how we spend our time and what we accomplish. However, all of those expectations and responsibilities are like weights around our spirits. They drag us down making us heavy and stressed.

I propose that for a few moments, seconds really, when consciousness seeps in, just breathe. Take it in. The power, the possibilities, the gratefulness for another day.


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