😳Fifty Shades of Blush😳

Whoa boy!  Went to see Fifty Shades last night.  I read the books when they came to see what all the fuss was about.  I resisted at first.  For a little while I thought I was the only one left who hadn’t read the books. In some form of literary snobbishness I felt like such material would be below my highfalutin standards. Then I caved.

I admit, I downloaded the trilogy to my Kindle.  For those who don’t know me, I never use a Kindle, I don’t even use the library. I buy my books.  I don’t like deadlines and I do like surrounding myself with the stories that have taken me to far away places and the characters who become my friends. This trilogy, however, was never going to grace the shelves on my bookcase.  I hid the fact I was reading it from my kids and I hoped to keep it that way. ( it didn’t work, they found out, and they didn’t care).

I am not a book critic although I can debate plot character development with you.  I am certainly not a movie reviewer, I’m too easily entertained.  I’m also a sucker for movie theater popcorn, so all movies are good to me.

What struck me as more telling was the audience.  The theater was packed with middle age women, mostly of a high socio- economic demographic and the very few husbands who dared to be seen.  There was a buzz in the air when previews came on.  The excitement for what was coming was palpable.  How would the story, and much more importantly, the graphics play out? Cell phones were off and everyone was very aah,  attentive.

Okay, it was graphic and I have now seen more of Dakota Johnson and  Jamie Dornan then I ever needed to. It was simultaneously silly, political, provoking and dare I say, educational.

But it’s a movie, folks.  Just a movie based on a book.  Like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.  All right, maybe not like them but you get the idea   The articles and essays that have been written about this film are astounding.  It’s been called out by the BDSM community as inaccurate, some are analyzing how it’s playing in conservative states and where post feminism is in all if this.

Here’s my observation from last night:

1.The hoopla around the movie is more entertaining than the movie itself.

2.The actors, poor things, hadn’t eaten for months before filming which was fine because they were in the gym 24/7.

3. Twenty-seven year – old boys who are billionaires who own an array of cars, a helicopter and an endless supply of personal staff are bound to be of the dominant variety.

4.No one likes to get spanked.

Here’s what’s interesting.  When the movie was over and credits began to roll there was giggling. A lot of giggling.  It was sort of cute actually. There was an equally embarrassed and guilty sound to the whispering in the hallway on the way out.  Like you were just caught doing something bad by your parents.

Is Fifty Shades of Grey a statement on todays society, is it setting back the advancement of womens equality in the workplace or the bedroom?  I don’t think so. It’s just good, clean fun.  Oh wait, no it’s not!!

9 thoughts on “😳Fifty Shades of Blush😳

  1. Oh well maybe I’m going to have to go and see it….I bought the trilogy thinking it was a “love” story and I couldn’t read it after the ROOM exposure scene….but all the hoopla has certainly got me thinking….afterall theatre popcorn is the absolute best!!!!


  2. Thank you for your review. I did not read the book or see the movie nor will I…ever. BUT I do appreciate your unbiased, humorous, POV…I especially appreciate your audience ‘scan’. I never would have guessed 🙂

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  3. I haven’t read the books or seen the movie and don’t plan to. From what I’m hearing via local entertainment programs (in Jamaica), movie patrons, though initially excited, left the cinemas very disappointed.


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