Oscar Fever

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And the award goes to…….

Sunday night we will all learn the answer to that question! Who was the best, who didn’t make the cut, who wore it best, who looks like they should have stayed home, whose boobs are about to explode out of their dresses.

I have always liked to watch the Oscars. It’s an exciting night. The glamour and glitz oozes off of the celebrities and we hope right through our tv’s and into our homes. Only it doesn’t work for me. By the end of the show I’m usually in sweats, half asleep with my hair all askew.

There have been some truly outstanding movies this year. It’s a good year for Hollywood. I would never venture to start making predictions but I do have my favorites and I hope they win. Do you have favorites?

Some of my favorite dresses

Rexfeatures-334498ar                                      Rexfeatures-271844b                               Image result for best dresses oscars                                       Image result for best dresses oscars

Image result for best dresses oscars               Image result for best dresses oscars

Have fun watching.  I’m sure they’ll be lots to dish about on Monday.

Maybe I’ll be out of my sweats by then.


One thought on “Oscar Fever

  1. Some of my faves: Charlize in Gucci, 2004. Cameron and Anne Hathaway in 2010. Pretty much most things Kate Hudson wears. Reese, vintage Dior, 2006. There are so many! I can’t think of all of them but I’m looking forward to seeing who brings it and who doesn’t!

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