Operation Perseverance


This is was the lesson of the day.  I now need to make it last a lifetime.

I got called out today.  As some of you know from my past posts I have started taking a yoga class. It’s part yoga, part mediation and part hurting myself. There is one particular pose that is done at every class.


I cannot do it. I do not have the core strength. I physically just don’t.  I was okay with that. Until today.

It turns out I really don’t have the core strength. Only it’s not the core of my abdominal muscles that’s the problem.

I met with the instructor before class.  She asked how I’m doing with the class so far.  I told her I am really getting a lot out of it, but I can’t do that one pose so I’ll just do something else at  that time. Then she blew me away. Oh crap, I opened up a can of worms.

No, she said.  You have to focus, you have to push past the pain. Pain is ok, ( really? I thought). Bring your mind down to your core and your energy will follow.


This is where I would normally run for the nearest exit. I am not the “energy” sort. Oh, and I’m not so fond of pain either.

She continued. Yoga teaches you not only how to breathe, or stretch. It will give you the ability to persevere. You can feel uncomfortable, even pain, and then just continue anyway. Don’t avoid it. And now for the “aha” moment.

If you are always avoiding what makes you uncomfortable then you’re not ever resolving it.


She means in life, not yoga. She somehow understood that I run from any problems. I have gotten really good at avoidance.  I am beginning to excel at taking hurt and pain and washing them down with chocolate and peanut  butter.

Just count to ten when it hurts, she said. You can stand anything for ten seconds. Then count another ten and bring your mind to where it hurts. You can acknowledge the discomfort. Live with it for another ten. You’ve survived. Another ten, you’ve excelled.

I did it! I held the pose longer than I ever did before. Not even close to as long as the others in my class by I’m still proud of myself. I will hold it longer tomorrow.

I am strong,


9 thoughts on “Operation Perseverance

  1. How awesome for you! I have never had the courage to take a yoga class, but it is on that proverbial bucket list. My daughter has talked about taking one together, but I seriously doubt that my 46 year old body would be able to keep up with her 18 year old one and I’m not sure my pride could handle yet another reminder that I’m getting “old.” You have inspired me though. Maybe I should push through my fears as well and take the plunge. Definitely something to think about. Thanks for the post, it’s very inspiring. ~ Tilly


    • Thank you! I’m 47 and half the class is in their twenties! I was really intimidated in the beginning until I saw a couple of women even older than me. Just go for it. Plus, mother – daughter bonding time is awesome


      • You are so right. Now that Grace is 18 I am thankful for every day that she lets me share with her. With her starting to drive and a new boyfriend both added to her life in the past four months, hanging with mom isn’t at the top of her priority list anymore. I’m definitely going to look into a yoga class for us.


  2. So proud of your accomplishment! Keep up the good work. Before you know it, you will be able to hold the position even longer! Counting and breathing works wonders to get through yoga positions and meditating. It works for me!! Looking forward to reading about your progress.


  3. Yoga is so good for you! Stick with it (I’m 51) and do not compare yourself to anyone else…focus all your energy on what you are doing. I usually – once I see which pose we are headed into – close my eyes and focus on how my body is feeling.


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