Lesson in Friendship

You’ve got a friend…..image

In the dog eat dog world we all inhabit and with all the doom and gloom that surrounds the globe, it is more than refreshing to see two different species in harmony together.

There are mixed opinions regarding the authenticity of the picture. Is it real or not?  Someone has come forward claiming to be the photographer.

Really, I don’t care.

True or staged I revel in the imagery. The possibility alone lifts my spirits. I am refusing to travel down the path of those who claim the weasel could be attacking the woodpecker. It has been suggesting the woodpecker is taking it to its home for diner. I equally maintain ignorance that some suggest it is pornographic.

Can we for once, as people of the human race, just take it for what it is? Two different species acting as one.  They are achieving balance no matter what their individual motives are. Up and down, left and right they are working in tandem  to stay aloft.

Theyre doing better than we are.

We can all take a lesson from this picture and the message it could be giving us. Let’s choose to collectively think of it as one friend giving another a ride. Maybe a joyride. Perhaps a ride home, or a lift to the other side of town.

Simplistic? Maybe. Maybe we should all extend ourselves to those we wouldn’t normally. Even if it looks funny or goes against our nature it’s possible we have skills that could assist someone who doesn’t.   It really doesn’t matter if someone  in need looks like us or walks like us. It might just be possible that the bigger the difference between two individuals who help each other the greater number of people between them can be inspired.

Here’s some more pictures of animals interacting with other animals:   image     image


In friendship,


15 thoughts on “Lesson in Friendship

  1. I saw the picture yesterday on 9gag and I laughed, but your analysis blowed me away ! A really interesting video on the same topic is a leopard protecting a baby monkey after it kills its mother, there is so much evidence of animals not being led only by their instincts, however little is said about it. Great post 🙂


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