💗Love Challenge Met💗

LOVE IS . . . a poetry challenge

I want to thank darlenescorner for nominating for this task.
The task is to write 10 lines, (sorry, I got carried away) about what you believe Love represents or as the title suggests LOVE IS…..!
Each line begins with the word Love and is only 4 words long. Once the poem is written – challenge 10 other bloggers to do the same.
Each person I challenge does not have to accept. This is for fun. I certainly had fun coming up with my list of what Love is.
I hope you enjoy my submission and those I have challenged.

My Love Is:

Love is always hopeful

Love beget the truth

Love will teach you

Love is not uncouth

Love is a flower

Love continues to bloom

Love’s an open field

Love’s a quiet room

Love can be daunting

Love can be bare

Love can be joyful

Love if you dare

Love for your tomorrow

Love for your yesterday

Love for your present

Love for your today

I nominate the following blogs to come up with their own Love is :











With love,


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