Fade to Black


image Before I explain why there is less color in the world today, let me first thank Orange Shoes Talking for nominating me for another Liebster Award! It is always humbling when your name is called and you are recognized for your work. I deeply thank you and everyone who is reading and supporting this blog of mine.

Ironic that on this day, a day of sadness and introspection for me, there was this bright spot of acknowledgment.

Today my husband and I and some of our friends came together to eulogize another friend. He died yesterday. We had not been as close as we once were years ago but old friendships are special. He was not sick long, a matter of months actually. He fought for his life for his wife and his three sons. He lost. He was 47.

His life was celebrated although this is a terrible tragedy. His illness will spur many men who otherwise would not make appointments for colonoscopies to get one. He wore vivid shirts and equally vibrant ties. Crazy patterns and funky glasses. He was not wild nor avant -garde. He just walked with color. His star burnt bright and then burned out. There will be charity given in his name and food will be cooked but no one will be able to bring the color back.

Tomorrow will be the fifth anniversary of my mother’s death. She was dazzling. She was bold and smart, a woman with presence and opinions. Loyal and loving, her family was everything to her. My mother was never as happy as when my sister and I along with our families would be with her and my dad. When my mom walked into a room heads turned.  She had a light around her, that sort of “it” factor, a charisma and elegance from another time. Never shy or filled with self-doubt she exuded confidence at every turn. She was ahead of her time until she was out of time.

The world keeps losing its color. Good, strong people have been taken, my father and my father-in-law among them as well. The world is slowly turning grey. Sure, new stars are born but their light may or may not be just a little dimmer. We just don’t yet know.

What I do know? Their light will not be forgotten. None of them. My parent’s life beats in my heart. In fact, brightness may be returning slowly as the sun is coming out today and a new spring is on the way………


6 thoughts on “Fade to Black

  1. So sorry for your loss. We too just lost a good friend at the too young age of 58. He had so many years ahead of him, good years, and yet they were stolen by cancer–that terrible scourge on society. In the past year we have lost four friends/family to cancer and know of three more people with it. It is terrifying and such a loss of good people. You are so right when you say the world is getting grayer.


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