❤️Date Night❤️



Tonight is date date night with my husband!  💑.   Dinner and then a show!


I think it’s so important to make time for each other and go out and do something spontaneous.  Dinner and a Broadway show is a great way to do that.

imageIll be looking forward to it all day.

How do you do date night?

Looking forward to hearing,


19 thoughts on “❤️Date Night❤️

  1. Love your blog too, dear! And this post. I completely agree..it’s so important to keep things fresh and fun in a relationship! That’s how you grow together as a couple 🙂 My boyfriend is great with this, I am so appreciative and thankful that he enjoys taking me out. Great to connect!

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  2. When my my husband and I had our daughters, I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, but that meant there wasn’t a lot of money, no only for dinner, but for a babysitter. I knew it was important for us to get away together. We decided to go just for a cup of coffee and paid our little neighbor gal to watch the girls. At that time, it was only a couple dollars for her, which would be much more now. That small amount of time was so worthwhile!

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  3. How fun !! ❤ the theater,especially musical theater. I to am a homemaker and I have 2 dogs at home who need me. Totally lost with my life right now. First time I don't have any kids/granddaughter, anyone at home with me. Nothing to do, omg. I feel like I'm losing my mind. Very stressed out with a couple of the adult children and their awful choices, but I'll save that for another day. This just adds to my issues these days. I never have been in this place before. I too have a strong faith in God, but he's kind of left the building these days 😦

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      • I did finally get up and went to the store !!! I looked a sight. I just had my sweats, no shower or make-up. I realized I didn’t even put on my bra,omg. If you knew me you would know that I never go out looking like that, N E V E R 🙂 So I’m back today. I’m going to get in the shower if they would ever take me off hold and talk to me. I hate the electric company !!!

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  4. When we do date night, it’s actually date morning or early afternoon. Typically going out isn’t an option because of his work schedule, the kids school schedule, and life in general, so when we get the house to ourselves, it’s Date Night. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s we have the house to ourselves from 8:00 a.m. until about noon. We enjoy a leisurely breakfast, sometimes actually going out, and then enjoy time together watching DVD’s of one of our favorite shows Married…With Children. The show hits very close to home and after being married for 22 years, we can truly laugh at ourselves right along with the characters in the show. I think that Date Night can mean lots of things, but for us its just a time to reconnect and know that when it’s just the two of us again, as it was in the beginning, there will still be magic for us.

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  5. Hi! It’s Janice from Reflections. We “met” at the Meet and Greet. I love Kinky Boots! I listen to the music constantly. Upbeat and inspirational. How do you have time for Date Night with your blogging duties?
    Thanks again for coming to my Meet and Greet.


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