Forever Mommy


Once you have a child you are forever a mother, forever someone’s mom.  Is it possible to be forever a mommy though?  Or in my case a ” mahmmee”.

Is there a time limit on how long your child can call you mommy? Does it become inappropriate at a certain age?

I have to be honest, I am almost fifty, my mother passed away five years ago and yet I still refer to her as mommy. It’s how I think of her.

The dictionary describes “mommy” as  “ones mother( chiefly a child’s term).”  Really?  At what age do you stop being the child of the woman who is your mother???

Is it babyish?  Immature? Silly sounding? I guess so.  I also don’t care.

I refer to myself as mommy to my kids.  They’re grown.  Old enough that they don’t call me mommy.  That’s ok. I’m not mad.

The other day I asked one child to tell the other child that mommy(me) said hi. I got called out on it.  Mommy?  Hahaha.

Yeah. Mommy! Just because I no longer put the spoon in your mouth I still feed you.  I don’t put your shirt on over your head and gently glide your arms into each sleeve, but I bought that shirt and I may have washed it last week. You drive your own car but I’m still teaching you how to get from place to place.

Teaching your children doesn’t age out.  Caring and worrying for them doesn’t expire.

Childhood goes by so fast.  Before you can even take a breath your kids are go from infancy to first grade and if you take a nap you’ll wake up and they’ll be taller  than you.

Let me say I’m your mommy. Let me hold on to the feeling of joy and wonder that I was given three such amazing gifts to mother.


What do your kids call you???


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