IPO or Bust!?!?

This is what I am contemplating. The initial public offering of my blog noplainjanie.image

  Let  me explain. Aside from my immediate family and 192 new friends and followers that have found me on the Internet no one knows I have been writing a blog. Not my extended family, not my closest friends not even my hair colorist.. I don’t know why I’ve been so hesitant to go public.  This is my version: image   I think it’s possible I’ve been nervous about being judged, mostly unfavorably.  Is it good enough?  Is it witty? Too light, too serious, too “who does she think she is?” I have three Liebster Awards, a Creative Blogger Award and a Versatile Blogger Award. It has been amazing to be recognized and humbling too. Awards and nominations leave me striving to be better and to never coast. I initially told myself I would go public once I had 100 followers.  I figured there was safety in numbers and if 100 people thought I was worthy of following then surely my friends would be supportive. This is what it looked like when I reached that goal: image   I  could  see the leap from of faith I was asking myself to take.  I didn’t jump. Instead, I renegotiated the terms.  200.  When I would reach 200 followers my self-esteem would be so high that announcing my blog would be easy.  Ha! As I write this I am at 199.  To some blogs here on WordPress that is laughable.  There are blogs who are so much younger than mine who have triple the readership.  There are some who have less. Aside from this target I set for myself I never otherwise pay too much attention to the numbers and the stats.  Now though, I am close.  Again.

I do not want to run scared, but I’m too scared to run! To take the leap or not take the leap?  That is the real question!

image   Is there any way to guarantee success?  No, of course not!  That what taking a leap is all about! Those who know me, however, know that I have very rarely ever leapt anywhere! I’m way too much a control freak for that and putting this out there leaves me with no control. image   One person, just one more person puts me at this precipice and this weighty decision.  Somehow I am coming to believe that I have more faith in those who I wish to share this with than in myself.  I am also coming to believe that is ok.     image   So true!   If not now, when?  At 300 or 500?  When will it be enough? I have been preparing for this forever.  I have been writing forever.  Maybe not writing well, perhaps not clever enough, possibly not so amusing, conceivably dull but I have been writing. Incredibly 199 people believe in noplainjanie. Oh crap, I haven’t been counting ME!  I’m at 200 if I count me and why shouldn’t I? So I respectfully ask you, my new and my old readers: image   Don’t judge too harshly. For those that are new to noplainjanie start at the about page up top and then click here. Thanks for reading and following. Janie

Forever Mommy


Once you have a child you are forever a mother, forever someone’s mom.  Is it possible to be forever a mommy though?  Or in my case a ” mahmmee”.

Is there a time limit on how long your child can call you mommy? Does it become inappropriate at a certain age?

I have to be honest, I am almost fifty, my mother passed away five years ago and yet I still refer to her as mommy. It’s how I think of her.

The dictionary describes “mommy” as  “ones mother( chiefly a child’s term).”  Really?  At what age do you stop being the child of the woman who is your mother???

Is it babyish?  Immature? Silly sounding? I guess so.  I also don’t care.

I refer to myself as mommy to my kids.  They’re grown.  Old enough that they don’t call me mommy.  That’s ok. I’m not mad.

The other day I asked one child to tell the other child that mommy(me) said hi. I got called out on it.  Mommy?  Hahaha.

Yeah. Mommy! Just because I no longer put the spoon in your mouth I still feed you.  I don’t put your shirt on over your head and gently glide your arms into each sleeve, but I bought that shirt and I may have washed it last week. You drive your own car but I’m still teaching you how to get from place to place.

Teaching your children doesn’t age out.  Caring and worrying for them doesn’t expire.

Childhood goes by so fast.  Before you can even take a breath your kids are go from infancy to first grade and if you take a nap you’ll wake up and they’ll be taller  than you.

Let me say I’m your mommy. Let me hold on to the feeling of joy and wonder that I was given three such amazing gifts to mother.


What do your kids call you???


🌊👫🌊All for One and One for All👒


image image



I hope you all enjoy your holidays with your family and friends,  whichever one you are celebrating.

My family will be with me for the holiday and I’m really looking forward to spending time with them. Way too much food though😃

#feelinglucky #iamblessed #spreadsomepeace


3 Ways to Prevent Memory Loss


I don’t know about you but I have always had a lousy memory.  Ever since, well, I don’t know when, I have had trouble recalling information I should know. Appointments have come and gone, situations both happy and sad have vanished from my consciousness. I can’t keep a calender or to do list because I’ll never think to look at them.  Horrible, right? Actually it’s a double edge sword.

No one wants to forget the fun of vacation days, where you went and what you saw, certainly not me. I am always reading a book, and although I usually would know half way through if I’ve read it before, I wouldn’t  be able to tell you about it. I read a book last week and I can even remember the title no less who  wrote it.

No memory of how old my kids were when they took their first steps or their grades on standardized tests. i can’t remember dates or the names of people I’ve met.  I often ask my family members to remember things for me, like where I put something or to the time of a meeting.  It gets annoying for them and frustrating for me.


I get to live in the moment.  I have no flash in my head about how someone wronged me. I don’t relive a fight over and over. I live unencombered by past disappointments. Whenever I am doing something it is because that’s what I want to be doing at that moment.

I feel my memories.  I may not be able to tell you the itinerary of a trip but I can tell you if the day went well. The milestones of my children’s youth was measured by the pride I felt when they achieved them, not by comparisons of age. I have begun to learn to maintain a day book for appointments.  I still don’t look everyday but it is a work in progress.

There are many ways to help improve your memory and prevent memory loss.  Here are my top three:

1. Stay mentally active.

It is important to keep building new pathways in your brain.  Try do things with your non-dominant hand or alternate your hands while doing simple tasks. Crossword puzzles, Suduko and other brain teaser games are helpful. Learning a new language or instrument also works.

2. Eat healthy.

Proper nutrition is important for brain health.  Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. I think “they” said chocolate was good for you so I’ve got this one covered.   Good hydration is also imperitive so make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.

3 Get enough sleep.

Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Turn off your phone, iPad, TV, laptop and Go To Sleep. Let your body heal itself!!! I have heard of a study done that discovered that if you learn something new and then immediately go to sleep you will retain the information better than if you learned something and stayed awake for a while.

4. Physical activity.

Oh, I was only supposed to do three, I forgot!  Okay, you get a freebie.

Move yourself. It will increase blood flow and circulation. Exercise the body and you’ll exercisethe brain.  It also increases oxygen to the brain and helps release chemicals that maintains brain function.

There is a lot of information out there on improving your memory.  I hope to remember to look at it.  I’ll ask my daughter to remind me.  At least I remember to blog!


Fade to Black


image Before I explain why there is less color in the world today, let me first thank Orange Shoes Talking for nominating me for another Liebster Award! It is always humbling when your name is called and you are recognized for your work. I deeply thank you and everyone who is reading and supporting this blog of mine.

Ironic that on this day, a day of sadness and introspection for me, there was this bright spot of acknowledgment.

Today my husband and I and some of our friends came together to eulogize another friend. He died yesterday. We had not been as close as we once were years ago but old friendships are special. He was not sick long, a matter of months actually. He fought for his life for his wife and his three sons. He lost. He was 47.

His life was celebrated although this is a terrible tragedy. His illness will spur many men who otherwise would not make appointments for colonoscopies to get one. He wore vivid shirts and equally vibrant ties. Crazy patterns and funky glasses. He was not wild nor avant -garde. He just walked with color. His star burnt bright and then burned out. There will be charity given in his name and food will be cooked but no one will be able to bring the color back.

Tomorrow will be the fifth anniversary of my mother’s death. She was dazzling. She was bold and smart, a woman with presence and opinions. Loyal and loving, her family was everything to her. My mother was never as happy as when my sister and I along with our families would be with her and my dad. When my mom walked into a room heads turned.  She had a light around her, that sort of “it” factor, a charisma and elegance from another time. Never shy or filled with self-doubt she exuded confidence at every turn. She was ahead of her time until she was out of time.

The world keeps losing its color. Good, strong people have been taken, my father and my father-in-law among them as well. The world is slowly turning grey. Sure, new stars are born but their light may or may not be just a little dimmer. We just don’t yet know.

What I do know? Their light will not be forgotten. None of them. My parent’s life beats in my heart. In fact, brightness may be returning slowly as the sun is coming out today and a new spring is on the way………


Time Traveling with Alzheimers

I was planning on a different track today. I had a post all planned out about a fascinating topic. It was well thought out and developed.

Oh well. Here goes this instead:

I’ve seen two movies in two days, don’t judge me!, and  I feel like they are a call to action. They aren’t award-winning films, although one is out now in theaters and may very well win awards. That’s not the point though. I am certainly no movie critic. No, what has me thinking is the message in both of those films.

One is about time travel. I am the least sci-fi person you’ll ever meet. I do not appreciate time travel movies. They do nothing for me. But it was a snow day and my daughter and I were siting together on the couch and it came on. Suffice it to say it was a love story weaved across different stages of the characters life. The interesting part is that he can relive any day and time and change the outcomes of various situations.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could have that power? Awkward moments could be erased, we would always know the right thing to say. Accidents literally wouldn’t happen. Awesome, right?? That wasn’t the best part!! The pivotal came for me when at the end of the story he decides not to use his power so much, but instead to live everyday as though he has the power to change everything about it but doesn’t want to. Now, can you imagine that?? That’s awesome.

He really had me thinking. What a different way to approach the day. To live each moment as if that is the moment you have recreated for yourself to improve.

Which brings me to tonight’s movie. It was based on one of my most favorite books, Still Alice. It deals with early onset Alzheimer’s and the havoc it brings with it for the patient and their family. How awful a disease. How debilitating. It robs someone of their tomorrows by stealing their past. Memories gone. There could be no time travel for Alice, she wouldn’t know where to go.

Would I? Would you?

If one was to know for certain that tomorrow is unpredictable at best, would he live today doing his best to need no improvements?

Then it hit me.

Tomorrow is unpredictable. There is no certainty. Were good memories made, enough to last a lifetime?

Go make some memories,


Daddy’s Little Girl

imageToday marks the second anniversary of my fathers passing. He joined my mother, in heaven, who had died two and a half years earlier.   His death was swift, his dying took years. I was with him when he died, my sister and I on either side of his bed as we watched his last breaths  become a struggle.

I believe he waited for us to be there with him. My memories of those moments are so clear.  (This is amazing, for if you know me, you know I have such a lousy memory).

I was with him quite a lot before he died. He lived nearby at an assisted living facility. It was impossible for him to live anywhere else with some of his conditions. I was guilt ridden that he was there and he hated it. That said, I will choose to remember the times we spent outside on  the porch in front of the home.  When he was out there it seemed as though the softest of breezes would awaken his senses and bring vitality back to a man who had been so strong.


And strong he was.  Both physically and mentally.  Such a wise man, ahead of his time. A smart business man and such a devoted family man.

My dad lived a full rich life. What a blessing.

What a privilege to have been his daughter.  If your dad is still with us here, give him a hug or a call for me today.  As for me, I intend to spend the day thinking of all of our happy times together.

Enjoying the memories,