Motivation on Tuesdays Table


Everyone wants to be healthy.  Sometimes  circumstances or lack of planning sabotages even our best of intentions.  Today, start over.


You’ll feel so much better. Change your mindset. Change your routine. Change your habit. Treat yourself better.


Here’s an example of an easy, fast and healthy snack. It’s one we all know about and have had a thousand times, an oldie but a goodie.


Peanut, cashew or almond butter used as a spread is so satisfying.  Try a granola base, or a healthy cracker. Slice some strawberries and drizzle some honey over it.  Delish!!!


That’s the change I’m making today.  What are you doing?  Let me know.


3 Ways to Prevent Memory Loss


I don’t know about you but I have always had a lousy memory.  Ever since, well, I don’t know when, I have had trouble recalling information I should know. Appointments have come and gone, situations both happy and sad have vanished from my consciousness. I can’t keep a calender or to do list because I’ll never think to look at them.  Horrible, right? Actually it’s a double edge sword.

No one wants to forget the fun of vacation days, where you went and what you saw, certainly not me. I am always reading a book, and although I usually would know half way through if I’ve read it before, I wouldn’t  be able to tell you about it. I read a book last week and I can even remember the title no less who  wrote it.

No memory of how old my kids were when they took their first steps or their grades on standardized tests. i can’t remember dates or the names of people I’ve met.  I often ask my family members to remember things for me, like where I put something or to the time of a meeting.  It gets annoying for them and frustrating for me.


I get to live in the moment.  I have no flash in my head about how someone wronged me. I don’t relive a fight over and over. I live unencombered by past disappointments. Whenever I am doing something it is because that’s what I want to be doing at that moment.

I feel my memories.  I may not be able to tell you the itinerary of a trip but I can tell you if the day went well. The milestones of my children’s youth was measured by the pride I felt when they achieved them, not by comparisons of age. I have begun to learn to maintain a day book for appointments.  I still don’t look everyday but it is a work in progress.

There are many ways to help improve your memory and prevent memory loss.  Here are my top three:

1. Stay mentally active.

It is important to keep building new pathways in your brain.  Try do things with your non-dominant hand or alternate your hands while doing simple tasks. Crossword puzzles, Suduko and other brain teaser games are helpful. Learning a new language or instrument also works.

2. Eat healthy.

Proper nutrition is important for brain health.  Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. I think “they” said chocolate was good for you so I’ve got this one covered.   Good hydration is also imperitive so make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.

3 Get enough sleep.

Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Turn off your phone, iPad, TV, laptop and Go To Sleep. Let your body heal itself!!! I have heard of a study done that discovered that if you learn something new and then immediately go to sleep you will retain the information better than if you learned something and stayed awake for a while.

4. Physical activity.

Oh, I was only supposed to do three, I forgot!  Okay, you get a freebie.

Move yourself. It will increase blood flow and circulation. Exercise the body and you’ll exercisethe brain.  It also increases oxygen to the brain and helps release chemicals that maintains brain function.

There is a lot of information out there on improving your memory.  I hope to remember to look at it.  I’ll ask my daughter to remind me.  At least I remember to blog!


Operation Perseverance


This is was the lesson of the day.  I now need to make it last a lifetime.

I got called out today.  As some of you know from my past posts I have started taking a yoga class. It’s part yoga, part mediation and part hurting myself. There is one particular pose that is done at every class.


I cannot do it. I do not have the core strength. I physically just don’t.  I was okay with that. Until today.

It turns out I really don’t have the core strength. Only it’s not the core of my abdominal muscles that’s the problem.

I met with the instructor before class.  She asked how I’m doing with the class so far.  I told her I am really getting a lot out of it, but I can’t do that one pose so I’ll just do something else at  that time. Then she blew me away. Oh crap, I opened up a can of worms.

No, she said.  You have to focus, you have to push past the pain. Pain is ok, ( really? I thought). Bring your mind down to your core and your energy will follow.


This is where I would normally run for the nearest exit. I am not the “energy” sort. Oh, and I’m not so fond of pain either.

She continued. Yoga teaches you not only how to breathe, or stretch. It will give you the ability to persevere. You can feel uncomfortable, even pain, and then just continue anyway. Don’t avoid it. And now for the “aha” moment.

If you are always avoiding what makes you uncomfortable then you’re not ever resolving it.


She means in life, not yoga. She somehow understood that I run from any problems. I have gotten really good at avoidance.  I am beginning to excel at taking hurt and pain and washing them down with chocolate and peanut  butter.

Just count to ten when it hurts, she said. You can stand anything for ten seconds. Then count another ten and bring your mind to where it hurts. You can acknowledge the discomfort. Live with it for another ten. You’ve survived. Another ten, you’ve excelled.

I did it! I held the pose longer than I ever did before. Not even close to as long as the others in my class by I’m still proud of myself. I will hold it longer tomorrow.

I am strong,