The Power of the Shower

Theres nothing I like better than a hot, long, steamy shower. A good shower heals whatever ails me.   Here are some of my favorite shower must haves!!!The Power of the Shower

Trina Turk LA plush bath towel

Hamam pink robe

Body cleanser

Organix hair care
$20 –

Teak Corner Bench
Have a great weekend!!!

11 thoughts on “The Power of the Shower

      • Thanks, I am so sad right now. So many losses and I just don’t think a body wash is going to get it for me. I did put some peppermint in my aromatherapy and I am trying so many different things to re-invent myself. Dancing, blogging, zentangle, blah, blah, blah. The husband even bought me Western Conference Tickets to tomorrow nights game, on the glass and he is taking me out to dinner. I am healthy and I am loved by a wonderful two wonderful sons. One is in China. I guess the fact that my two oldest are using there children, my grandchildren to hurt me has broken my heart. One I raised from birth, cut her cord, and everything in between for 8 years.. I haven’t seen her since last year and I feel like I’m dying. I just can’t accept her way of lifestyle. Having another one w/”The baby daddy (a convicted felon,” who is just using her till he no longer needs her. She came from a great family with a mom and dad and brother’s who loved her and her little girl so much we are all just devistated. Not to mention the oldest one gave us the middle finger too. I wish I new what I did wrong. But I know I was a great mom. Always there for those kids. The oldest we supported through not 1 but 2 college degrees. Our daughter came home pg and we support her and our granddaughter while she became an RN… I was so stupid, I wish I could get those 10years back along with all of the money I invested in her. We don’t have a lot of money, but we helped our children and they just totally screwed us. I pray a lot. Doesn’t seem to help. Thanks for listening ❤ My rant is over, Love ya…


      • Oh Scarlett, there are no words. I’m soo sorry for what you are going thru. Please hang on, you never know what life has in store for you. There may be a happy ending for this situation yet. You are very hurt, understandably, and angry right now. I pray for you to find peace and happiness. Never give up, sounds like you have a loving husband to hold on to. Love ya back.

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  1. This was a perfect read for my 3-days out weeding the garden that I just posted about!!! (I did shower more than once in those 3 days;-) hahaha. But seriously… last night the shower “healed” me!!!!! There is nothing better!!! (especially when the kids are asleep and the house is quiet!)

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